Chenhao (Vito) Wu

Short Bio

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Guoliang Xing. My current research interests span all aspects of Computer Systems with a special focus on computer networking and networked operating systems. I dedicate to some of the technically challenging problems in the real world and enjoy building engineering-heavy systems to have real impact for a wide range of applications.

Prior to my Ph.D. study, I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. My past experience lies in GPU-SM architectural design, (GA102/GH102 ISA), and 802.11/LTE/5G-based protocol design (PHY/MAC).

Research Interests

Networked Operating Systems Cross-layer Protocol Design and Applications Computer Networking


  • Linux Kernel C/C++
  • x86/ARM/GPU Assembly
  • CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL
  • Python, Perl
  • OpenMP, MPI, Pthread, Athread
  • Vtune, gprof, Valgrind
  • VHDL, Verilog
  • 802.11/LTE Protocol Stack
  • JavaScript, Flask, MySQL
  • git, perforce, gdb


Industrial Experiences

GPU Architect, Streaming Multi-Processor Team
April 2020 - November 2020
  • Proposed architectural ideas based on quantitative study of existing and projected SM architecture.
  • Developed performance and functional simulation models.
  • Developed performance and functional test plans to validate new SM architectural features.
  • Produced test cases and debug on simulators, RTL and real silicon.

Research Experiences

Research Assistant, System Developer
July 2018 - August 2019
Participated in the development of a new wireless multi-hop protocol.
  • Designed and implemented the routing system of BATS protocol.
  • Produced throughput and latency testings for tuning the internal parameters of BATS protocol.
  • Implemented a multi-hop video streaming demo on BATS protocol.
  • Assembled and deployed 16 roadside units with basic computing and communication capability.

Teaching Experiences

Teaching Assistant:
  • IEMS5727A: Introduction to Internet of Things, 2023 Fall, CUHK
  • IERG3310: Computer Networks, 2022 Spring/2023 Spring, CUHK
  • IEMS5722: Mobile Network Programming and Distributed Server Architecture, 2021 Fall, CUHK
  • IERG3080: Information and Software Engineering Practice, 2022 Fall, CUHK